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Informed Justice is a social media account that aims to bridge the gap between research, public policy, and the general public. Scholars from various fields contribute short summaries of peer-reviewed articles, research reports, law reviews, and landmark legislation on crime and criminal justice that are easy to understand and accessible to a wide audience. 


Many of us want to keep up to date with the latest research on crime and our criminal justice system. What does the research say about immigration and crime? How prevalent are mass shootings? How does systemic racism permeate our justice system?


However, most non-academics find it difficult to scour through hundreds of scholarly articles that may, at times, be inaccessible, time-consuming, and filled with academic jargon that can be hard to comprehend.


The hope is that this account can serve as an unbiased, trustworthy, and reliable place for up-to-date studies on crime and criminal justice. The platform lets the data speak for itself - it does not serve an advocacy function nor is partisan in any way. Rather, it presents summaries of unbiased and vetted studies from experts in the field.

DISCLAIMER: The authors of Informed Justice and their respective employers do not necessarily support or endorse the ideas or results presented in the research papers which are summarized on Informed Justice, or in the summaries themselves. All summaries are meant to present an objective interpretation of recent research, not subjective commentary.

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